Privacy Policy


• The personal information we collect from you is purely to satisfy the requirements of the domain name registries, your registrar-of-record, and/or your hosting provider for whom Roundtable Productions may be a reseller.
• We may also request other contact information sufficient to satisfy our invoicing and management procedures.
• We will not pass on, reveal, or on-sell your personal details, contact information or sales history to any third party without your written permission.
• Following registration your licensee contact information will be publicly accessible on the Australian and Global domain registration databases, known as the public Whois? This is mandatory and is beyond our control as your licensee details are made public by the domain name administration authorities. If you prefer it we can arrange private registration of your domain names (additional annual fees apply).
• Your domain name will be registered using our password protected reseller interface with the registrar's secure servers.
• We do not see or store your bank account information.

Industry Compliance

• We comply with the Code of Conduct of auDA (.au Domain Administration Ltd).

Complaints Management

• In the event of any complaints about our services, or if you wish to query a domain name registration decision, please contact us
We will endeavour to acknowledge your communication within five working days of receipt. If there is scope for resolution without the need for investigation you will be provided with a response to your concerns.

• In the event that an investigation is required we will make all reasonable efforts to provide you with a response within 30 days.

• If your concerns are of a complex nature and we are not able to provide you with a response within 30 days we will keep you informed as to the progress being made and a likely timeframe for finalisation.

• If it is more appropriate that your concerns are dealt with by an organisation other than Roundtable Productions Pty Ltd, you may wish to get in touch with either the registrar-of-record for whom Roundtable Productions is a reseller, or auDomain Administration (auDA), a non-profit organisation responsible for administration of the .au namespace for the benefit of domain stakeholders. Visit for more information.