Domain Management

Take total control over your domain

The Internet is real and personal. As a web services brokerage we strive to understand the real world business needs and creative aspirations of our clients. By sustaining personal contact throughout the life cycle of your projects, products and services, we learn more about how you need to manage your web resources.

Domain Portfolio Management

If you own 10 or more domain names or have your domains registered through multiple suppliers we may abe able cut both your renewal costs and your domain management time. More

Standard Domain Management

Manage your:
Contact Details - Update your Organisation, Administration, Billing and Technical Contact Details. You should always keep your contact details up to date, particularly your email address.
Delegation Details - This function allows you to change the nameservers which your domain is hosted on. e.g., from one hosting provider or Internet Service Provider (ISP) to another.
Name Server Functions - Set up your own nameservers under your domain name. For example, if you register the domain '', you can setup your own servers of '' and ''. This function should not be confused with Delegation, and is often only used by ISP's.
Lost Password or Registry Key - These can be recovered from the registrar's website as long as the contact email address that appears in the public WHOIS data is still your current contact address. Otherwise contact us. We'll either locate your original password/key (we are not responsible for lost keys that were changed by the owner following registration) or take you through the recovery process.