Roundtable Productions is an authorised reseller of several local and overseas web hosting providers. We can create a package to meet any business budget or service requirement—from dedicated enterprise level e-commerce sites, to economy virtual (shared) hosting for start-up businesses, and email-only hosting.

You can even host an existing domain name that is not registered through us.

Order our standard packages now at our live Domain Shop, or, if you don't want to pay by credit card, send your order using our email form. Choose your payment method and when payment is confirmed we'll set up your hosting manually.

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Email Hosting

Business Email $85 yr or $175 2 yrs
All standard features plus:
* Disk Space 1GB
* Data Transfer 1GB
* POP (mail) Boxes 2

Advanced Email $125 yr
All standard features plus:
* Disk Space 2GB
* Data Transfer 2GB
* POP (mail) Boxes 10

Premium Email $175 yr
All standard features plus:
* Disk Space 10GB
* Data Transfer 10GB
* POP (mail) Boxes 200

Standard Features
All our Domain Shop email hosting packages
include the following standard features:
* Anti Spam
* Anti Virus
* Web Mail
* Mailing List (1)
* URL Forwarding (standard/frame)
* Full control of DNS via control panel
* Free DNS Hosting

All prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST